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Class-12th Physics Formula sheet For JEE-2024


All Important formulas of Physics which Improve Your RANK………

Preparation of JEE (Main and Advanced) is demanding as it is among the toughest competitive exams across the globe. Making sure you retain all of the key formulas from the whole curriculum is a crucial part of JEE preparation. There will be questions where you can use the formulas to get the answers right away.

Thus, answering these questions correctly will be essential to improving your JEE results. Here are some helpful tips for committing JEE Physics section formulas to memory. There are around 47 chapters included in JEE Mains for Physics and remembering formulas from all these chapters is definitely a tough task.

As a result, we have provided a list of crucial formulas for JEE Physics courses to make things easier. Students can view them below.

physics formula sheet
Physics Formula PDF

Steps to Memorize Physics Formula Sheet Effectively

A few easy methods for memorization of formulas found in the JEE syllabus are as follows:

1. Make a handmade note of all the Physics Formula sheet being highlighted. This would facilitate accurate rewriting and a fast look when needed.

2. One of the most powerful tool, not only for remembering Physics Formula sheet but also for solving typical Physics questions in JEE Exams is dimensional analysis. You might compare and contrast chapters such as electrostatics and magnetostatics while you’re getting ready.

For instance, U = – p.E. gives the energy of an electric dipole. Similarly, the energy of a magnetic dipole is U = – μ .B .

3. Furthermore, keep in mind to commit to memory the fundamental formulas, such as W = F.S., from which you can deduce a number of additional formulas, such as the potential energy of a spring, among others. It is important for you to commit the values of various constants to memory since you could make a mistake during the test and receive a lower score for it.


A comprehensive physics formula sheet serves as an invaluable tool for students preparing for JEE exams, providing a quick reference guide to the vast array of concepts covered in the syllabus. Physics Formula sheet condensed compilation condenses complex theories into concise equations, making it easier for aspirants to navigate through the extensive physics curriculum. In Physics Formula sheet Divided into distinct categories such as mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, waves, optics, and modern physics, this organized approach facilitates systematic learning. The sheet typically encompasses fundamental equations like those of kinematics, Newton’s laws, and work-energy relations in mechanics. in Physics Formula sheet  thermodynamics, it includes the first law and ideal gas law, while for electromagnetism, Coulomb’s law and Ohm’s law find their place. Additionally, crucial formulas from wave and optics sections, such as the wave equation and Snell’s law, are incorporated. In modern physics, Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence, De Broglie wavelength, and the photoelectric effect formula feature prominently. The arrangement of these formulas enables students to reinforce their understanding through consistent revision. As students engage with the Physics Formula sheet regularly, they develop a robust foundation in physics, a key element for success in the challenging JEE exams.

JEE Main 2024 Latest Updates

You may obtain the most recent JEE Mains 2024 announcements, highlights, and updates in this section.

  • JEE Main 2024 January Session: NTA released the JEE Main 2024 session 1 will be conducted between 24th January and 1st February, 2024.
  • JEE Main 2024 April Session: NTA released the JEE Main 2024 session 1 will be conducted between 1st April, 2024 and 15th April, 2024.
  • JEE Main 2024 Session 1 Application Form: To be Updated
  • NTA reopened JEE Main 2024 Session Online Application Window for corrections: To be Updated
  • Advance Intimation for Allotment of Examination City to the Applicants of JEE Main 2024 Session 1: To be Updated
  • JEE Main 2024 Session 1 Admit Card is Released: To be Updated
  • JEE Main 2024 Session 2 Online Application Form: To be Updated
  • JEE Main 2024 April Session – Advance Intimation for Allotment of Examination City: To be Updated

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