JEE Mains Question Paper with Solutions and Answer Keys

Accessing JEE Mains question papers is a pivotal component of effective preparation for the national-level entrance exam. Typically, these valuable resources are conveniently accessible on the official website, allowing students to download and utilize them for practice.

Empowering students to download and practice with past question papers not only facilitates a more dynamic preparation process but also encourages a thorough analysis of their performance. This, in turn, supports a more strategic and targeted approach to addressing areas that require additional attention.

jee mains question paper 2023

All JEE Main Question Papers with Solutions

Students can check all the JEE Main question papers and solutions for the years 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, etc., by visiting the links below.

Frequently Asked Questions On JEE Mains Question Paper?

Q1: How is the JEE Main exam conducted?

  •  JEE Main embraces a dynamic examination mode primarily conducted online. While Paper-1 adopts a fully computer-based format, Paper-2 presents a unique blend with Mathematics and Aptitude Test in a computer-based mode, and the Drawing exam utilizing Pen and Paper.

Q2: What question types can I anticipate in JEE Main?

  •  JEE Main questions predominantly manifest as multiple-choice, encompassing the triad of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Q3: Can I access my question papers and responses?

  •  Certainly! Candidates can effortlessly retrieve their recorded answers. Post-exam, both Paper 1 and Paper 2 responses, coupled with the questions, gracefully find their way to candidates’ email inboxes.

Q4: How can I enhance my problem-solving skills for JEE mains Question paper?

  •  Elevate your preparation game by immersing yourself in a myriad of question-solving endeavors—sample papers, previous year papers, and engaging mock tests. Online repositories, including the official exam website, offer JEE Main sample papers and mock tests. Additionally, coaching institutes extend their support by distributing practice question papers.

Q5: In what language is the JEE Mains question paper available?

  •  The JEE Main question paper unfolds in a rich bilingual tapestry, offering candidates the flexibility to choose from 13 different languages.

Q6: How many attempts do I get for JEE Main 2024?

  •  You wield the opportunity for dual attempts in 2023! JEE Main gracefully unfolds in two sessions—January and April—empowering candidates to embark on their quest for success.

Q7: What is the sequence of sections in the JEE Mains question paper?

  • The JEE Main exam, conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), follows a specific structure that aims to assess students’ proficiency in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Although the conventional sequence begins with the Mathematics section, candidates are granted the flexibility to choose the order in which they attempt the subjects, catering to individual preferences and strengths.
  • Moreover, the option to skip questions adds another layer of adaptability for test-takers. If a candidate encounters a challenging question, they have the freedom to move on to the next one without being constrained by a strict linear progression. This not only allows for a more personalized approach to the exam but also helps in managing time effectively.

Q8:What is the exam patter of JEE Main 2024?

  • JEE Main exam pattern 2024: NTA released the JEE Main 2024 exam pattern online at The exam pattern of JEE Main 2024 is available in the information bulletin. The JEE Main exam pattern comprises the test duration, marking scheme, subjects, total marks, and other details. According to the JEE Mains exam pattern 2024, the test will be held for 90 questions. The exam will have 30 questions of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics each. Among these, 20 questions are of multiple choice type, while the remaining 10 will be numerical value answers. The total marks of the JEE Main 2024 exam is 300. Candidates preparing for the IIT JEE exam are advised to carefully analyze the JEE Main 2024 exam pattern beforehand. Download the JEE mains question papers of past years to understand the JEE Mains exam pattern in a better way. The authority will conduct the JEE Main 2024 exam in two sessions – January and April.