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Class 10 maths 4.1 solutions

NCERT Solutions For Class 10 Maths Chapter 4 Quadratic Equations Ex 4.1

Download the free NCERT Maths Chapter 4 Solutions for Class 10 here. Quadratic Equations in Maths Class 10 NCERT Solutions are a great resource for homework assistance. For class 10 maths 4.1 solutions Expert Teachers developed the NCERT Solutions. Complete solutions to all the problems in NCERT Textbook’s Chapter 4 Math Class 10 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables Exercise 4.1.

Class 10 Maths 4.1 Solutions Question 1.

1. Check whether the following are quadratic equations:

(i) (x+ 1)2=2(x-3)
(ii) x – 2x = (- 2) (3-x)
(iii) (x – 2) (x + 1) = (x – 1) (x + 3)
(iv) (x – 3) (2x + 1) = x (x + 5)
(v) (2x – 1) (x – 3) = (x + 5) (x – 1)
(vi) x2 + 3x + 1 = (x – 2)2
(vii) (x + 2)3 = 2x(x2 – 1)
(viii) x3 -4x2 -x + 1 = (x-2)3


NCERT class 10 maths 4.1 solutions
NCERT class 10 maths 4.1 solutions

Class 10 Maths 4.1 Solutions Question 2.

2. Represent the following situations in the form of quadratic equations:
(i) The area of a rectangular plot is 528 m2. The length of the plot (in metres) is one more than twice its breadth. We need to find the length and breadth of the plot.
(ii) The product of two consecutive positive integers is 306. We need to find the integers.
(iii) Rohan’s mother is 26 years older than him. The product of their ages (in years) 3 years from now will be 360. We would like to find Rohan’s present age.
(iv) A train travels a distance of 480 km at a uniform speed. If the speed had been 8 km/h less, then it would have taken 3 hours more to cover the same distance. We need to find the speed of the train.



Maths in Class 10: Quadratic Equations

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