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Class 10 maths 13.3 NCERT solutions

NCERT Solutions For Class 10 Maths Chapter 13 Statistic Ex -13.3

Download the free NCERT Maths Chapter 13 Solutions for Class 10 here Introduction to Trigonometry in Maths Class 10 NCERT Solutions are a great resource for homework assistance. For class 10 maths 13.3 NCERT solutions Expert Teachers developed the NCERT Solutions. Complete solutions to all the problems in NCERT Textbook’s Chapter 12 Math Class 10 Triangles Exercise 13.3.

Class 10 Maths 13.3 NCERT Solutions Question 1.

1. The following frequency distribution gives the monthly consumption of an electricity of 68 consumers in a locality. Find the median, mean and mode of the data and compare them.


Monthly consumption(in units)No. of customers


Class 10 Maths 13.3 NCERT Solutions Question 2.

2. If the median of a distribution given below is 28.5, find the value of x & y.


Class IntervalFrequency


Class 10 Maths 13.3 NCERT Solutions Question 3.

3. The life insurance agent found the following data for the distribution of ages of 100 policy holders. Calculate the median age, if policies are given only to the persons whose age is 18 years onwards but less than the 60 years.


Age (in years)Number of policy holder
Below 202
Below 256
Below 3024
Below 3545
Below 4078
Below 4589
Below 5092
Below 5598
Below 60100

Class 10 Maths 13.3 NCERT Solutions Question 4.

4. The lengths of 40 leaves in a plant are measured correctly to the nearest millimeter, and the data obtained is represented as in the following table:

Length (in mm)Number of leaves

Find the median length of the leaves.


(Hint : The data needs to be converted to continuous classes for finding the median, since the formula assumes continuous classes. The classes then change to 117.5 – 126.5, 126.5 – 135.5, . . ., 171.5 – 180.5.) 



Class 10 Maths 13.3 NCERT Solutions Question 5.

5. The following table gives the distribution of a lifetime of 400 neon lamps.

Lifetime (in hours)Number of lamps

Find the median lifetime of a lamp.


class 10 maths 13.3 ncert solutions

Class 10 Maths 13.3 NCERT Solutions Question 6.

6. 100 surnames were randomly picked up from a local telephone directory and the frequency distribution of the number of letters in the English alphabets in the surnames was obtained as follows:

Number of letters1-44-77-1010-1313-1616-19
Number of surnames630401644

Determine the median number of letters in the surnames. Find the mean number of letters in the surnames. Also, find the modal size of the surnames.

class 10 maths 13.3 ncert solutions

Class 10 Maths 13.1 NCERT Solutions Question 7.

7. The distribution below gives the weights of 30 students of a class. Find the median weight of the students.


Weight(in kg)40-4545-5050-5555-6060-6565-7070-75
Number of students2386632



Maths in Class 10: Statistics

In Class 10 Maths 13.3 NCERT Solutions Students will talk about patterns in terms that come after those that come after by adding a certain number to the terms that came before in this chapter. Additionally, they see how to calculate the sum of n successive terms and the nth term. When students tackle real-world situations, they will successfully understand arithmetic progression.


As a result, these NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths will aid students in comprehending various question formats and their responses, in addition to providing important shortcuts and diagrammatic explanations. The Class 10 Maths Chapter 13 PDF NCERT Solutions are all provided in easy-to-understand manner. Students who fully understand these solutions will be able to solve challenging situations with ease.


The teachers have carefully selected the Class 10 NCERT Solutions to help students become more adept at solving problems. Students can consult Bhautik study materials for Surface areas and volumes for a clearer understanding.

Statistics, Chapter 13 of Class 10 Maths, is one of the most significant sections in the textbook. This chapter is worth between 11 and 12 points on the CBSE test. This chapter will likely include three questions on average, with marks awarded in the format of 3+4+4 (depending on the question).

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class 10 maths 13.3 ncert solutions – 
Students hoping to do well in this chapter can access the NCERT solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 14: Statistics. With the help of these NCERT Solutions, which clearly explain the methods and procedures for solving the questions, students may easily and rapidly grasp the principles.


The world is very data-oriented; in fact, a set of data representing pertinent information exists in every field. The area of mathematics known as statistics is concerned with the meaningful representation of data.

You will come across numerous real-world situations where a set of data is represented in tabular form, graphs, or pie charts using the principles of statistics. This chapter will cover a variety of techniques, including how to discover the mode and median of grouped data, convert frequency distribution, and understand the relationship between mode, mean, and median techniques. The greatest study guides for the CBSE exam are the 10th Class NCERT solutions.

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